You have your ideas and inspirations, needs likes and dislikes that influence me.

I am inspired all the time by the environment, people, functions, new discoveries, materials – their uses and by nature of course.

Just seeing swathes of rippling grass on the downlands or bold outcrops of rock with gorges and caverns, the movements and actions of the sea or sparkling waters of a meandering river. The colours, shapes and proportions in our natural landscapes, are all inspirational. Engineers such as Isaac Kingdom Brunel, Photographers – John Holloway, Christopher Burkett, Artists like Andy Goldsworthy, Chris Dury. Our history and beliefs e.g.Feng Shui, Celtics, religions.


So the design involves careful considered planning to make a successful garden. A relationship with your house and its rooms and having an affinity with the area in which it lies, the functions, beauty and harmony will therefore make you want to use the private paradise all year round.

Your thoughts and desires are taken note of and then I listen to the site, the aspect and location and my own design knowledge.

I feel plants create the moods and atmosphere, they are the essence of a garden. Hard landscaping and plants together define the overall character to a garden. The use of texture, colour and shapes in hard landscaping materials, as well as plants provide a palette so wide to ‘paint with’ that if sensitively used, their compatibility with each other will make them sing.

Seasonal changes in plants create new views, shapes and forms and reveal others in a garden. Sometimes a plant will provide flowers in one season, berries in another or perhaps a lustrous foil all year round having a presence like some of the hard landscape. Walls, steps, paving (the hard landscape) forms the main shape and structure throughout the year, whereas the plants are the living element always changing their cloak.


My philosophy in most cases is – Simplicity is strong. Less is more!

See the gallery of some examples created and the process page to how these were achieved.