The process is simple and important, working through a few stages to the creation/build. As with anything that works well, the key to success is good design. The marriage of practicality and aesthetics. A garden cannot function on only one of these levels. So by working through a clear but thorough process by matching your needs and what you want from your garden with the plots fixed conditions and the aesthetics are as follows;

Initial Contact.

You will be sent a questionnaire – which is literally ticking boxes and Yes/No answers. It helps us all to understand what is needed. Also to arrange for a free consultation, where I can meet you and see the site.

Brief, Survey, Design Intentions.

The brief I will compile from our consultation/discussion and from the questionnaire, basically a list of requirements, likes and dislikes of yours.

SURVEY – This is very important to all, it involves analysing the site in terms of measurements, aspect, location, soil types, services – gas, electrics, drainage, existing artefacts, levels etc. before I start to design. A survey plan will be drawn out to a scale showing all information gathered. This being particularly useful also to the contractors but above all the design itself.

DESIGN INTENTIONS – This will be written explaining the potentials of the site and my design ideas, taken from your brief, the survey results and my expertise/discretion!!

The Design.

This will be a detailed inked in design/plan of your garden showing exactly what the garden will look like, with details of material types, dimensions, sketches and profiles where necessary.

Planting Plan.

Details of planting, colour schemes, seasonal interests, scent, textures, shapes etc. in the design.

Construction details, Specification and Estimate for Construction.

To the agreed design/plan there will be sketches and written specifications for construction. My contractor likes to meet you and see the site along with a copy of the design, to then discuss its build, the time involved and estimate of costs for construction and bookings. This will include plants and planting – it is important for me to ensure the right plants, size and condition are bought and planted in the correct position according to the planting plan.

Maintenance Schedule.

This can be provided to help you look after your new garden and enjoy it with the aid of a booklet I make specifically to your planting plan and showing any necessary pruning etc. month by month. Easy :)