Many gardens shown in this gallery are being updated as they evolve but sadly some removed to make way for the new. I always transfer these to a proud and fabulous portfolio and occasionally may re-launch some!

Click on the pictures to see more of each garden.

A Country Garden. A London business man wanted a large natural pond deep enough to hold several koi carp and with ecology interest, a large area of lawn for games, planting areas with trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants. The garden to have a lot of character.

Town Garden on a chalk slope. Part of a northwest facing slope was to be designed for a couple with children. The area caught the late afternoon and evening sun. They wished to sit out here in the evenings together and at times to entertain several people. Also to have a pond with a stream, rocks and walkways. I decided to put in several terraces and path ways using natural rock walls with a built in seat beside a spill and low sit on walls to a terrace area which had a curved rill leading to a lower pond. The spill transported them back to a favourite place in Scotland and disguised the sounds of traffic from a nearby road. Their children love playing in the area with the paths, grotto and water.

Town Garden. The owner was a retired lady, who has a passion for plants. She did not want any lawn at all! The garden has matured beautifully to her vision and is walked through daily.

Country Garden. Large borders of perennials with show all year through. Winter months come to life with straw coloured grasses, a blaze of red and orange stems of coppiced shrubs and interesting seed heads of many of the perennials.

Coastal Garden. Model train enthusiast asked for jungle type planting, a gauge one railway to be incorporated into the design, along with a custom made summer house and space for a trampoline and a small swimming pool. This unusual challenge will develop into a garden with rooms and gentle but exciting transitions from one area to another. In its infancy at the moment.

Small Town Garden. The parents wanted a contemporary garden patio to work with the organic, contemporary interiors to the house and sectioned off from a small lawn where children kicked a ball around. We created a translucent pole screen, the water feature we used geyser jets which lit up by coloured lights at night.

A wider than long garden. The couple needed a design to screen a shed and introduce a place for a greenhouse, to keep a lawn and bring in curves. The curved borders to the lawns will mature and give different aspects to the garden. The planting in the dry, pebble path leading to the greenhouse will divide the two lawns giving two interesting places to the whole garden and so not all seen at one glance.

Courtyard Town Garden. This couple wanted the garden transformed to have a wild-life pond, a large patio and planting areas to hold many of their plants from the previous property. The sit on patio walls give height to the levels and in them are specially made planting pockets for alpines. A combination of functional walkways and the leisurely linking areas to a workshop/hobby room and sitting areas where she likes to sit and paint her garden.