Garden Rooms

All our Garden Rooms are designed and thought out to fit in with your requirements and their potential location. They are hand built by skilled carpenters. Constructed for strength and durability, unique designs, the costs are realistic and competitive.

Most of the Garden Rooms, depending on there use, are fully insulated, floors, walls and roof and double glazed, even with supplies such as electricity and water if required. We build a solid base of which is dependant to the lands conditions. Some have been elevated, others part cut into slopes or built partly over a pond or lake. The positioning is versatile, like the materials we use.

We have our most regular range using cedar shingles, clay or slate roof tiles. Timber walls and floor. However we design some with other materials for instance a flint or brick side/s or glass and metals. The shape, style and size will be according to your brief and specific needs.
A client once asked if they could have a solar roof panel and a wood stove.

A Garden Room can be an incorporated unit, for instance, a log store/shed/workshop or a single building like an office or a sauna. They are located to fit in with your existing garden or incorporated into a landscape design. We do not place them in isolation, so you may need a dry walkway to the building or a planting area around them. Perhaps even with a patio or veranda.

There are several ranges of Garden Rooms e.g. Log cabin, Hobby room, Summer house, Hideaway, Studio, Office, Garage, Shed, Tree house and Dens etc.

Most structures do not need planning permission providing they are within the regulations. We always liaise with the council over the structures that we feel may need planning.

We are constantly coming up with new ideas and designs and open to yours.

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